Success Case - Cable Systems Inc.


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The Client - Military Subcontractor


A small business contractor to the US Military and their key Prime Contractors.


The Challenge:


Become the dominant market leader in their niche market while significantly increasing margins. Develop a business strategy for this company against the nation’s premier competitors – often including their own customers.


The Solution:


Utilize SPI’s “strategic thinking” process to set new rules of engagement and play. 


The Result:


While they were a relatively small enterprise, they became THE sole source supplier of a key component on the major Undersea Weapons system for the US Navy.  The process helped them figure out how to win against competitors that were not only 30 to 100 times larger, but in some cases were their own customers!  They needed to “go for the jugular” – they needed to figure out how to shift the rules in their playing arena.  The process helped them find their enemy’s “Achilles Heal” – and exploit that against them to gain a toehold in a very competitive market where they were significantly “outgunned”. 


This resulted in CSI becoming the sole source supplier on $25Million/year in business – 10 times where they started – and ELIMINATED every one of their formidable competitors along the way.  Then, they topped this off with another spectacular win – a single source $250 Million contract on another weapons system program.


They were a $2.5Million small business and “comfortable” prior to engaging in the strategic thinking  process.  The Founder/ President’s dream was to break $10Million.  As a result of using the process, they broke that barrier within 3 years by doubling their military business within 2 years and expanding to a related market that brought an equal revenue volume.  More dramatically, the “rule” changes they created increased their margins from 28% to over 70% !  This amazing success story demonstrates the VALUE of a well-articulated business strategy that has 100% consensus of all executives. It is also a testimonial to the visionary leader of this organization that had the courage and conviction to use the process and to his key executive team that led the execution of the plan.  For it is one thing to plan the win, and another to communicate it, show everyone what’s in it for them, and have them execute it.


Contact:    Gene Vecchia Sr., President, WPI Cable Systems, Inc.. Everett, MA, 617 889-3700


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