Strategic Thinking

Determining a vision for the future look of your business.
The front-end of any business planning process needs to consider

these two questions:


* What kind of business are you today?
* What kind of business do you want to be in the future?

These are the key searching questions for the strategist.
The strategy of the business needs to be debated and agreed upon by those who will be required to deploy it, prior to determining the operational issues. The strategy determines what the business will become whereas the operational issues determine how the business will get there.

Few people would set out to drive on a long journey without considering a map to first see what their destination was so they could then plot how to get there. It is surprising therefore, to see how many businesses are so caught up in the everyday pressures of their operational issues that they have no time to consider their strategy, the business equivalent of a road map.

Our strategic thinking program is a simple, systematic process, proven to work with any management team to assist them in determining their future direction.

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