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Our Book:

This book describes a thinking process that is straight forward, born from experience in the Boardrooms and executive meetings of real companies. You will find a process that has helped top management teams forge their own strategy. The result? A distinctive strategy developed with the consensus and buy-in of the very people charged with effective implementation. This process will help you fine tune your competitive edge by improving the quality and consistency of your strategic decision making. We assume that those interested in this subject will have a particular interest in mind regarding growth of their business and that they are in a market that is growing at a rate less than is required to satisfy all the competitors. As such, these players have a requirement to take market share from each other. If this sounds familiar, then you may well find this book thought provoking.



Our CD...  Available with compliments to qualified CEO's


The CD is aimed at those CEO's who "just don't have time to read another book" .  It is therefore rather short (approximately 15min)  It is a narrated PowerPoint presentation by me and my British partner Roger Handley and will quickly give you an overview of the process along with some examples and some testimonials.



Our new Video "CEO's Live"...  Available with compliments to qualified CEO's

The video features a candid discussion with several of your CEO peers.  You will see and hear them relate their direct experience with our strategic thinking process.  They talk about how and why this process really works so well and they share their direct results, both "hard" and "soft".  You will hear them relay how the "soft" results often wound up playing the key role in achieving the "hard" results.  Some of these are rather spectacular -- for example, an increase in revenue by a factor of 15; the ability to compete with competitors not 2 or 3 times their size but in some cases 15-20 times their size... and win. Other CEO clients that have practiced our strategic thinking process have seen margins increase from 28% to over 70%.  This Video is available on DVD or VHS formats.




Our Quarterly Newsletter
provides interviews, current examples and applications of strategic thinking.   The newsletter covers lessons learned by well known CEO's of leading Fortune 50 companies as well as the value in using this process to help uncover important information that has recently been the death knell of some well known giants of industry.  It also connects the value of our strategic thinking process with other well known strategists such as Peter Senge, Prahalad and Hamil, and more recently the popular "Balanced Scorecard" initiative of Kaplan and Norton.


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